DotA Template Advanced 2.0

Credits to MR-President for the map


Massive changes !

-> Added the exact DotA 6.72f terrain ! (including building positions)
-> Added DotA 6.72f's gameplay mechanics ! These include:

- Hero XP and gold distribution from creep kills/denies and hero kills.
- Hero kill/death/assist system.
- The DotA hero killstreak system, with the proper gold bounty increase for heroes on a killstreak.
- A replica DotA multiboard that shows hero icons, hero death timers, ultimates on cooldown for allies, current gold for allies, kills, deaths, assists, creep kills, creep denies and reliable gold.
- Creep upgrades and number increase system based on the specifications from the DotA mechanics section.
- Roshan periodic upgrades.
- The neutral creeps spawn system and an exact replica of creep camps.
- Team gold bonuses gained from tower kills and Roshan kill.
- Text announcements showing tower kills, tower denies, Roshan kill aegis pick, Roshan respawn warning for aegis carrier, death by Roshan, death by Neutral Creeps, Mega Creeps announcement.

-> Tweaks made for the 11 heroes.

How to use:

- Open the map in World Editor.
- Create a hero, remake a hero, create an item, remake an item, whatever you want.
- Use the heroes and items I provided as a point of reference on how to create them.
- For triggers, create a distinct trigger folder to store your hero/item triggers.
- Don't use any of the existing variables, you risk to cause some triggers to malfunction. Create your own variables instead.
- In game, type -refresh to reset your hero's cooldowns and restore the hero to full HP and mana.
- In game, type -gold xx to add xx amount of gold to yourself.
- In game, use the Tome of Level up to level up your hero.
- ???
- Profit !

You can import your work from another version of this map or another map by importing the object data and needed triggers from your map. If you do this, make sure to check in the World Editor Preferences the box "automatically create unknown variables".

This is for any mapper to use, it makes a great test map.

Game modes supported: -ap, -ar and -rv (reverse)

Heroes supported: Balanar, Centaur Warchief, Drow Ranger, Furion, Lina, Lion, Lycan, Overlord (custom hero), Rhasta, Rikimaru and Slardar.

Recipe items supported: Boots of Travel, Phase Boots, Ring of Basilius, Vladimir's Offering, Helm of the Dominator, Perseverance, Vanguard, Maelstrom, Stygian Desolator, Cranium Basher, Radiance, The Butterfly, Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse, Sange, Yasha, Sange & Yasha, Divine Rapier.

All of the basic items are supported, except Bottle and Courier.

Have fun mapping!

Full item set coming up in the next version !